Tech Ed Day Three

The fun continues in Houston, I’ve meet some great people and am learning plenty to keep me a busy and happy developer. I had originally planned to scope out just the developer track sessions, mostly on Windows and Windows Phone developoment, but given that there is so much to learn, I thought I would wander a little out of my comfort zone and see what else is out there! Here are some highlights from the sessions I visited on Wednesday.

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Tech Ed 2014 Day Two

Day one at Tech Ed already set the bar high, but day two just smashed it open. So much going on, and it’s way too much content to cram into a summary. Look for full, dedicated posts on some of these topics in the coming days and weeks as I dive deeper into my notes and re-watch the videos (not to mention the ones I missed)!

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A Personal Triumph

I was looking forward to the next two sessions which were about Dependency Injection and Xamarin, but the first was full. Fortunately, next door was the Exam room, and I figured since I had the time, why not dive in?

Well where one door was closed a new one burst open as I succeeded in passing my very first Microsoft Certification: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps in C#! This has been a professional goal of mine for YEARS, and thanks to Tech Ed (and especially to Falafel Software for the support), this has become a reality.

I definitely encourage anyone and everyone at the conference to stop by the exam area and get some info, and if you feel ready (or maybe like me, even if you don’t!) go for it!

Josh Morales MCP

Tech Ed 2014 Day One Recap

What a day, full of sessions, lessons, great people, and great information; I can’t wait to take in more on Tuesday. If you’d like to say hi, be sure, ping me on twitter @SelAromDotNet, I’d really appreciate the opportunity to meet you in person!

Here are some of the highlights from Monday that still have my developer senses tingling!

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Hello, Tech Ed!

It is a great pleasure, and a true honor to represent Falafel Software at the 2014 Tech Ed Conference in Houston, TX. I’m now onsite, taking in my first ever major conference, and would love to say hi to fellow developers and community members. If you’re attending, please ping me and say hello!

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