Introducing WunderLook: An Outlook Add-in for Wunderlist

This is my first attempt at writing both an Outlook Add-in as well as developing with Wunderlist. They don’t have an official API that I could find, but I did discover the .NET Wunderlist API by lerainieur on SourceForge which is a major component of this project. Many thanks to the developer for making this available.

Developing an Add-in for Outlook 2010

I had a difficult time just finding relevant and useful information on just how the heck you do this. I searched for hours on MSDN, as well as general searching on the internet for variations of “how to create an outlook add-in” that yielded pretty useless results.

So this blog post is meant to list some of the helpful resources I WAS able to find, as well as some of the things I learned along the way.