Mapping Sitefinity Templates from the SDK

There are several different ways to map Sitefinity widgets to external templates, including globally using the ViewMap. You can also use the built-in Sitefinity Widget Template editor and even Sitefinity Thunder to modify templates and copy them to external files.

However, did you know that a copy of every single widget template is included in the Sitefinity SDK?

When you install the SDK, a zip file named, which contains a copy of every usable Sitefinity template is copied to your machine.

Product Maximum and Minimums in Sitefinity Part 2: Shopping Cart

We previously looked at how you can enforce minimum and maximum product quantities on the Sitefinity product details page. However, users can still override the quantities in the shopping cart, defeating the restrictions.

Fortunately, the shopping cart template also includes a validation control for each item. By mapping this control to an external User Control template as well, we can tap into this validator with custom code just as we did before.

Creating a Hideable Sitefinity Content Block Widget

Adding a content block to a Sitefinity page with a Content widget (such as News, Events, Blogs, etc.) displays that content for both the master list and single item details view for the content. This video demonstrates how you can easily inherit from this control to make a hideable content block that only renders when the page is in the master list view.

Code Sample

Here is the full source for the custom class.

View Code Sample on Gist

Including CSS in a Sitefinity User Control

When working with Sitefinity Intra-Site Modules, all your module’s logic, code, and markup is contained in User Controls. This allows you to inherit all the styles from the default Sitefinity backend theme.

However you might want to add additional styling to your admin controls. You can accomplish this easily by adding a custom stylesheet for admin controls and referencing them from the user controls. Simply add the following code to each control’s frontend ascx file.