Mid Year Update

As expected, this has been a busy year, but a good one. I’ve managed to accomplish or at least begin many of the goals I set out, including updating my site and producing some new music.

Creating a Hideable Sitefinity Content Block Widget

Adding a content block to a Sitefinity page with a Content widget (such as News, Events, Blogs, etc.) displays that content for both the master list and single item details view for the content. This video demonstrates how you can easily inherit from this control to make a hideable content block that only renders when the page is in the master list view.

Code Sample

Here is the full source for the custom class.

View Code Sample on Gist

Selecting Related Content Items in the Sitefinity Module Builder

The Sitefinity Module builder allows you to create custom types on the fly for use as custom modules. In the 5.0 release back in February, a two new field types were added to the module builder: Guid and Array of Guids. These allow you to “link” content items using their Id properties, adding support of one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between your content.