Greetings all, I have to apologize for the delay in completing my Sitefinity Toolkit Series. Things have once again picked up at work and I’m even busier than the last time! I just completed an update to the City of McAllen home page and now I’m moving on to an even bigger project, followed by a never ending, and ever increasing sequence of projects (and I couldn’t be happier)!

But I did want to let anyone who may be waiting patiently for the remaining series that I’m still here and will be updating as soon as I get a few minutes free.

In fact, I’ve already completed version 1.1 of the Toolkit, which includes several bug fixes and a few minor new features. I’ve already sent it to the visitors who were kind enough to donate to my project. Anyone who donates to my studio will always get first crack at any developments and changes, as well as get first say on suggestions features and fixes.

If you’d like early access to any of my projects (or upcoming projects, lots of stuff planned!) please feel free to make a donation at the sidebar on the right. If you can use the “Personal” tab (or send money directly using the “Personal” tab to to help me save on fees, I’d be much obliged, but this is certainly not required.

Thanks to those of you who have donated, as well as those of you who have provided feedback, comments, and suggestions. Please keep them coming.