Sitefinity: Password Recovery

As a developer, one of the things I hate most about my job is when people call me to fix their login errors, especially when the problem is a forgotten password:

Are you sure you remember your password? Yes.

Are you sure you typed the password correctly? YES!

Are you SURE? YES!!

Do you have CAPSLOCK on? … … oh [click]

While there’s not much I can do to help them remember how their keyboard works, I can at least help maintain my sanity by enabling them to recover their passwords when they forget them.

My Sitefinity Password Recovery is available for download in my Software section. Simply unzip to your /Sitefinity folder, overwriting your login.aspx file (backup as always!).

What I like about this solution is that it first sends the user an email containing a reset link and confirmation code. This makes sure that the password is not reset by accident, and that only the user can reset the password.

As noted, these pages require that your web.config file is configured to send emails. See the Sitefinity Password Recovery page for more details, and as always, your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Developments in Developing

Boy, has it been a while since I’ve been in here… Those of you that know me know I’ve been busy. Between my real work, my other work (i’m officially a freelancer!), and my personal work (including my dj and personal life) it’s amazing I find time to breathe.

But enough excuses, I still have way too many things I want to do to quit now. First and foremost, this site has been ignored long enough, especially the broken links on my software page. My jQuery Banner Swapper has been updated to version 0.3, and the link has been fixed (finally!) so please take a look and let me know what you think.

I also removed the link on my almost defunct Rebate Reminder program. I still have the project sitting in my Visual Studio folder, waiting for me to pick it up. I am going to make time. I swear. I don’t think anyone even has a use for it any more, what with new web 2.0 tools and such and such. But I still loved developing it, and I’d really like to see what I can do with all the years (yes YEARS) of experience I’ve gained since I last touched it (can you believe it still on .NET 1.1? I don’t think you can even install that anymore!)

So yeah, I have a ton of stuff on the horizon eclipsing the few projects I finally have behind me. Stay tuned for more, especially on the Sitefinity front. I’ll get this stuff done if it kills me. Just bury me with my laptop.