Sitefinity: Keeping RadPanelBar Expanded

If you need to ensure that the RadPanelBar control (which I use for sidebar navigation) remains expanded, check out the RadPanelbar1_ItemDataBound method in the control located at /Sitefinity/UserControls/Navigation35/SitePanelBar.ascx.

This control checks the hideUrlForGroupPages, removing the link if set to true on your control. However, this doesn’t prevent the link from being active, collapsing the nodes when clicked. I need my menu to be fully expanded, so I modified the code using some newly discovered properties in the e (RadPanelEventArgs) parameter:

public void RadPanelbar1_ItemDataBound(object sender, RadPanelBarEventArgs e)
    if (!hideUrlForGroupPages) return;

    var node = e.Item.DataItem as CmsSiteMapNode;
    if (node == null || node.PageType != CmsPageType.Group) return;

    e.Item.NavigateUrl = "";
    e.Item.PreventCollapse = true;
    e.Item.Enabled = false;

Since the item is always rendered as a link, it’s important to disable it as well so that it doesn’t do anything when clicked. Additionally, since it still renders as a link, the pointer still turns into a cursor, and when you click the heading, that annoying dotted border still activates as if it’s a regular link. We can fix this with css:

.rpRootGroup .rpSlide a

    outline: none;
    cursor: default

Additionally, you might need to undo this change in lower levels of the css, but that depends on your application.

I don’t have an example (yet) as we haven’t published our site (yet), but hope to update this with a link soon. Hope this was helpful! As always, comments are welcome.